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Lifesize is a video and audio telecommunications company in the United States which provides high definition videoconferencing endpoints and accessories, touchscreen conference room phones and a cloud-based video collaboration platform. Lifesize's worldwide headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. Its Europe, Middle East and Africa regional office is located in Munich, Germany.

A customer mentioned, "Steer clear from Lifesize it's not worth the hassle. Zero support. Difficult to cancel the subscription. The helpdesk is designed to inhibit people from being able to respond. You'll know exactly what I mean if ever you attempt to use it!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where does one begin?? The ENTIRE Executive Staff is a joke. What a group of imposters pretending to be grown adults. This is the most unprofessional, unorganized, poor excuse for a company there is. It’s laughable and embarrassing at the same time. And what’s even worse is that the people who work here, are completely content. If you are looking to better your career or surround yourself with intelligent people, please look again. You can do better. What makes it even worse is that this company is KNOWN for throwing unwarranted money and unjustified titles at mediocre clowns. It was so apparent to me after I left. The caliber of people who work here is laughable. Do not surround yourself with people as such. These are underachievers who likely have no other choice in this competitive world we live in. Steer clear!! It’s completely toxic. There’s tons of crooked stuff going on behind the scenes and the truth is going to come out soon."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"These people don't know how to manage or run a business. Office politics is extremely high, and the work environment is toxic. Several groups work against each other all the time. It's frustrating because it impacts your work and overall performance"

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"Your future would be uncertain for as long as you work here. You might have a job one day and be jobless the next day. The management values people who agree to everything rather than truly talented ones who dare to contradict them. Even the salary is not enough to secure your financial future."

Former Employee - Administrative says

"The managers have too much control over the employees, and it creates problems. For instance, your manager decides whether you will get the vacation you deserve or not. The managers also often threaten the employees of job loss to extract more work."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"The company's direction is unclear and future plans are not shared with employees. There's no sense of job security because we were kept in the dark about the company's performance."

Former Employee - Sales Ops says

"We regret to learn that your experience at Lifesize was not more pleasant and are extremely disappointed to read your feedback. We are an equal opportunity employer and expect all of our employees to behave in a professional, and courteous manner. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you further and ask that you reach out to us at"

Former Employee - Sales says

"We regret hearing your experience at Lifesize wasn't what you hoped for, but we appreciate the candid feedback. We strive to provide a great work environment for all employees and are focused on continuing to build our team and business."

Senior Software Engineer says

"Self absorbed, egotistical and dinosaur style management that has no idea how to run a business."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Management: The team is lost on what to do with the company. From lack of clear strategy to constant change in management, there is a lot of chaos and no direction - Competition: With companies like Zoom, BlueJeans, Google, Skype and Slack all moving into the space, there is no hope for the cloud/app side. The hardware seems to be the main focus now - Innovation: There is no innovation. Just constantly catching up to the competitors that are years ahead - Constant layoffs: The company has had multiple rounds of large-scale layoffs over the years and teams are constantly reshuffled. There is little stability in who you work with sometimes. - Mentorship: There is none at the company. If you are looking to learn and grow, don't go to Lifesize"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Now that they separated from Logi I would be really scared to work there Really awful people that were grandfathered in and are toxic to the company Horrible E Staff No HR support whatsoever Lies about bonus payouts"

Senior Software Quality Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I worked on new products which were exciting, but then I quickly discovered the ongoing battles between the various teams within the company. CEO replaced CTO who quickly dismissed ~10 people to bring in his own people."

Technical Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Biasedness in the appraisal, and partiality with certain employess is the major challenge here.Lot of things to learn but learning enviornment not favorable."

Tech Support (Current Employee) says

"Training is almost non-existent, leadership isn't the greatest. Don't come here expecting to advance quickly or at all.SnacksLeadership, advancement, training"

Senior Sales Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Lifesize has fun interesting technology and the people are very nice. The culture is inclusive and engaging. They have a good benefits package but unfortunately all of these positives are ruined by a management team that is constantly making bad decisions that adversely effect the customers and the employees.Great technology and nice peoplePoor Management that makes poor market decisions"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"The company has gone through many changes, and its current status is uncertain. There is a lot of stress about the future direction and employment opportunity within the company.Free lunches, theoretical unlimited time offMore work than can be accomplished"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Good Company with Bad culture because of BOSSES in top role. What I look for is LEADERS, who can inspire you to over perform. Offlate there is no self development and you are just pushed into any role and you need to perform. Cannot expect Work life Balance as your expected to work 24x7x365. It doesn't matter if you are burnt out emotionally or physically. You are supposed to wear multiple hats and perform while you get paid 1/4 of your counterpart doing one role in the same Industry. Like i said it is the regional bosses that has put a dent to company's culture, otherwise Lifesize is known for its culture and my counterparts in other regions seems quite happy under their managers.Good Product, Ample Learning, Challenging market makes job more interestingWork Life Balance, Under Paid, No Process or Structure, least concerned about KRA's"

Quality Assurance Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Good to start with and learn a lot.Great people at all levels of the company - everyone is supportive of each other and has a great time together in accomplishing the mission."

Operations (Current Employee) says

"Overall a pretty fun place to work. The company runs fairly lean in a lot of departments so expect some busy days. However, the technology provides great work life balance.Breakfest tacos and free snacksUnderstaffed in some departments. Lacks managerial direction"

Business Development Manager (Current Employee) says

"Vor allem die Produkte sind einfach gut und innovativ. Ich habe viele top Mitarbeiter kennen gelernt, von denen aber auch viele das Unternehmen wieder verlassen haben. Im Management gibt es einige Schwachstellen, sodass das Betriebsklima gerade für remote workers nicht immer das Beste ist. Es herrscht teilweise eine Start-up Kultur, was Möglichkeiten bietet, aber auch dazu führt, dass wenig Strukturen vorhanden sind und man sich sehr viel selbst aneignen muss. Es gibt es auf jeden Fall Verbesserungspotential, was das Unternehmen erfolgreicher machen würde. Super ist die Flexibilität mit einem modernen Arbeitsplatz unterwegs oder im Home Office."

Part-time Marketing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"They allowed me to work from home and even supported my moving to another city 4 hours away from corporate headquarters. Smart people, good product, nice work life balance."

Order Management Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I learned to interact with customers of different regions in APAC. The customers and colleagues are easy to get along and are suppportive."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Well, I thought they were a company that had their stuff together. But, it turns out that I was wrong. A private company that has to compete with better and cheaper video solutions in today's market space. Too many chiefs and not enough people to do the work. Might be a good starter job for those fresh out of college.Great benefits, perks, and social eventsVery cliquish...if you are not in the right group then your career may be limited"

Senior Director (Former Employee) says

"Despite poor leadership of a CEO that is way too involved in too much of the day to day business operations, the culture at LifeSize was somehow it's strong suit.Vibrant culture; above average compensationLeadership"

Support Technician I (Current Employee) says

"The day to day job is not that bad, but management will not hire a workforce large enough to make the support group a growing environment. Instead they keep coming up with good ideas to better support our customers, and expect the same number of people to take on the additional tasking. The idea is that overtime is approved, which to me, if that is your basic plan for getting all of the work done, you're undermanned. They also have not promoted anyone internally, in the support section, in over a year, even though they have been talking about it for almost that long. There is also little to no room to grow outside of the department, so your stuck unless you want to leave.Free food and drinks on FridayUndermanned"

John says

"I cancelled my subscription, and a month later my subscription was "renewed". They have Indian support centres, no one actually answers a phone or responds to an email. Their helpdesk is woeful and near-impossible to use (probably designed to prevent people from being able to "leave").

They make it near-impossible to cancel your subscription once you've signed up. Steer clear - absolutely do not go near these guys.

Choose Zoom instead. Lifesize was the worst experiment I've made in recent history."

Paul O'Grady says

"I use these for suspension hearings under NYSED law 3214.
The systems crash and do not communicate.
We have been told that video accidentally deleted can not be recovered WHICH IS ILLEGAL.

Rich P says

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